Thailand Info Mysterious goings on in Udon Thani

Thailand Info Mysterious goings on in Udon Thani

Mysterious goings on – nobody dares move the shrine in the middle of the road!
Thailand Info Mysterious goings on in Udon Thani

Thailand Info Mysterious goings on in Udon Thani

Thailand Info Mysterious goings on in Udon Thani. UDON THANI: — Visitors to a small village in Udon Thani in the north east of Thailand could be forgiven for thinking that the locals are a little potty when they see a shrine in the middle of the road. But those who have dissed the shrine have met with quick and violent death.

While those that respect its awesome power have enjoyed nothing but success and prosperity, reported Sanook.

The shrine is in the village of Ban Nong Kungsri in Nong Kungsri district. It has all the usual trappings of a village shrine – models of elephants, horses, dolls and suchlike adorn its base. There are offerings aplenty of rice and drinks to satisfy the spirits.

But it just happens to be in the middle of the intersection at the heart of the village making it unusual.

Poo Yai Ban (village headman) Thongsa Chartphaengta, 45, is well aware of the history of his village and the background to why the shrine is there. He said that the village came into existence in 1932 and at present there were 215 houses and 856 people living there, mostly farmers.

The shrine used to be in a different location years ago but following the death of many people in a cholera outbreak it was moved to its present location that was just a dirt track at the time.

Some years later the local authority wanted to pave the road so a meeting with all in the village was convened to decide what to do about the shrine. There was a heated debate with some wanting to move it and some thinking it should be left where it was.

At the meeting one man spoke disrespectfully about the shrine and even shocked villagers by pointing in its direction with his foot – a complete no-no in Thai culture. After the meeting broke up the man walked home and within minutes he was dead. Thailand Info Mysterious goings on in Udon Thani

He was flattened by a ten wheel truck.

Later some road workers were in the area. One of the men thought having a shrine in the road was a stupid idea and was heard to use rude words when referring to it. In no time whatsoever the man involved had his head flattened by a passing plough dying on the spot.

Since these incidents no one has even dared mention moving the shrine.

In fact the complete opposite has occurred, said Thongsa. It has now been there for several generations. It was a wooden structure but after that rotted a cement one was placed in the same location.

Villagers who pray to the shrine get success and happiness. Students pass their exams, there is prosperity and everyone lives in peace and harmony in the village, he said.

And no one wants to jeopardize that by moving the shrine that will stay in the middle of the road. Thailand Info Mysterious goings on in Udon Thani

Source: Sanook