Thailand Discovery

Thailand Discovery
A Monk on the beach Koh Samet 2020

Bangkok  02/08/2016. Richard Barton

Welcome to Thailand Discovery where I will be bringing you the latest information on the best places to visit in with blogs, photos, facts, videos and news.

The blog provides people with relevant information in the form of Photos, Blogs and interesting stories about living , discovering and travelling in Thailand. We also offer information on where to visit in Thailand and how to get there, so if in doubt please ask.

There are also sections supplying resources, such as Embassy details and visa information along with Thailand holidays, Thailand flights weather and currency details.

The site provides information on Thailand tourism and has the facility for booking holidays and hotels through Agoda and Booking com in the following destinations :- BangkokPattayaPhuket, Krabi, Hua HinChiang Mai, Koh Samui , the Andaman Islands and things to do in Bangkok.

The current long term visa application information can be found here. Visa types Retirement Visa and Marriage Visa.

We also have a Facebook group You Know You’ve Lived in Thailand When which is one of the fastest growing Thai interest groups on the net, so please feel free to follow us on Facebook.

About Me


Hi my name is Rick and I first came to The land of Smiles when I was offered a position in my company’s Bangkok office. I have now been living in here for the past 23 years with my Thai wife kanlaya and we are staying on the Eastern Seaboard. Since I have been here I have learned a great deal about the Thai lifestyle, Thai culture, Thai food and what it means to be married to a Thai.

The purpose of this Blog is to share my experiences along the way. This information might be useful to anyone who at some point will either visit or make a new life here. I personally love living here in the land of smiles and hope to never leave.

Richard A Barton

Bangkok 10th June 2015