Tuk Tuk Thai Getting Around in Thailand

Tuk Tuk Thai Getting Around in Thailand

Author: George Bowman

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tuk tuk thai

Tuk Tuk Thai Getting Around in Thailand

Tuk Tuk Thai. Most people do not always want to stay here, they want to go there. In Bangkok they do it in style as one can see BMWs or a Mercedes Benz cruising on many streets. The driving rules over here are really simple. The most expensive vehicle always wins. Thailand has zebra lanes for the pedestrians but the locals call them angel lanes. Go ahead, get in, take a spin and see how many rural folks get around in this part of Thailand.

Remember our first exposure to Geometry in Missoura? “Go down the road and wait by the big Oak tree.” This Point A to Point B concept is now everywhere in our language. Airlines, trains, buses, a GPS, Google Maps all use it.  Back in the day a train was actually the fastest way to get from Point A to Point B. Experience has shown me that the first step is not always the hardest, nor is the last step the easiest.

Goals are tough when the excitement has worn off and it feels like the wheels are spinning. That’s okay. Just keep walking to Point B.

Now what point was I trying to make…


Tuk Tuk Thai Getting Around in Thailand. All Round Family Car


Tuk Tuk Thai Getting Around in Thailand Hiding the Gray


Tuk Tuk Thai Getting Around in Thailand Looking for Shade


E-tan’ Farm Truck


Tuk Tuk Thai Getting Around in Thailand. ‘Motorcye Taxi’


Going to the Market


Thailand Taxi


 Outer Ring Road


Old Classic Motorcycle. He also helps me to rebuild stuff.

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