Thailand best beaches Koh Kham

Thailand best beaches Koh Kham Sattahip

March 12, 2018 By Richard

Thailand best beaches Koh Kham Sattahip

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Thailand best beaches Koh Kham

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Koh Kham underwater Park is an island in the Northeastern gulf of Thailand in Trat province. It is located to the West of Koh Samae San and 9 km to the south of Sattahip District. Its physical shape looks like H alphabet with the area of 16 yards. It has 2 main coastal beach there is one in the north of the island which has a delicate sand appropriate for swimming and recreational activities and another one in the south of the island that has rough sand.

Thailand best beaches Koh Kham Sattahip Thailand

Thailand best beaches Koh Kham. Having read a few articles on the island of Koh Kham which is located in Sattahip, Chon Buri Province, Thailand, we decided to pay it a visit for a day trip. Note: There is no accommodation on the Island and only daily visits are allowed.

The island is controlled by the Thai Navy and has strict rules regarding the daily number of visitors. There are only 400 people allowed on the island at anyone time and the Island is open to the public only at the weekends and Thai Holidays.

We left home near Jomtien at 8 am knowing that the 31 Km’s drive would get us there is around 50 mins depending on traffic. We arrived at our destination at 9.10 am due to slightly heavy traffic and that meant that we missed the first boat at 9 am out of the port. The first thing we had to do was to park up the car and make our way to the ticket office which is a short walk from the car park. The parking is free of charge.

Now for the bad news there were and estimated 300 people waiting to buy and collect tickets at the ticket booths and it was all pretty chaotic. It took us 2 hours to wait in line and to finally collect our ticket for the 11 am boat. There are  few ‘Songtaews’ transferring the people from the ticket area to the pier which takes around 5 minutes. We joined the queue at the pier and waited for another hour for our boat to arrive. We were baking in the hot sun at that point and there were very few places that were shaded, so everyone had to grin and bear it.

Thailand best beaches Koh Kham

We finally boarded the boat which too around 60 people per trip, which really did bring the queues down quite quickly, much to our relief. The boat ride took 20 mins and at that point we had to be transferred to long tail boats to navigate the shallow waters near the island. It was quite tricky jumping from one boat to another. but the Navy people were there to help us, thankfully.

We disembarked at a small pier and made our way onto the Island. We all agreed that it was well worth the wait as the beaches are very clean and very well maintained. The water is shallow and very clear which made for a great day of snorkelling, kayaking and swimming. The equipment can be hired on the Island at reasonable prices.


Thailand best beaches Koh Kham

There are a few food stalls selling locally made Thai food and a range of drinks are also available, anything from water to Leo beer at very reasonable prices. The Island has strict rules regarding littering, so please use the many bins provided, so that the beaches and the is kept clean for future visitors.

We spent the rest of the day on the Island and then took the last boat back to shore at 4 pm. We again had to transfer to a larger boat to navigate the deeper waters back to the port.

Thailand best beaches Koh Kham

All in all we enjoyed the day, but would think twice about making the trip again anytime soon, due to the waiting times at the ticketing area. It could be much better organised in my opinion, but hey this is Thailand!

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