Rimpa Lapin Pattaya Thailand

Rimpa Lapin Pattaya Thailand

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The Rimpa Lapin Pattaya Thailand is one of famous restaurant in the Pattaya area. Its reputation comes from the terrific views of the bay overlooking Baan Amphur beach and Jomtien, offered as the restaurant is located on a cliffside, which it is quite difficult to find somewhere else. With the fascinating location, the restaurant can also provide romantic atmosphere towards a couple. Rimpa Lapin also offers a variety of food style, Thai food, Europe food, and sea food. The location or Rimpa Lapin restaurant is not in Pattaya City, but not too far away, Located in Na Jomtien, near the Ambassador  hotel.

Rimpa Lapin has been established by Khun Oat and Khun Lapin several years ago. As Khun Lapin’s family had a property of the present location of the restaurant for a long time, but they hadn’t done anything about it yet. Khun Oat and Khun Lapin then started using the property for the restaurant. They said that the restaurant on this cliff was their dream for a long time.

At the restaurant, there are 3 levels sitting on the cliff so that customers can enjoy incredible sea views. Before sunset, it even offers wonderful and romantic feelings. Its design is also help to provide an ambient atmosphere. However, in exchange of enjoying incredible feelings, customers will have to pay more for the food price at Rimpa Lapin than general restaurants. Note that as regular customers prefer to select the tables on the cliff,  you might have to wait for a while to take their place. It would suggest that you  make a reservation before arriving, so as not to be disappointed. My wife and I are quite regular at this restaurant. My wife really enjoys the selection of Thai food and i  love to take photographs of the scenery and sunset.

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