Mushroom farming in Thailand


Mushroom farming in Thailand

My wife has started to grow her own mushrooms for home consumption and i was surprised at how easily and quickly they grow. I have taken some photographs to show you the equipment an methods that are used to do this. there is also a tutorial below if you want to have a go at doing this.

Farming small mushrooms

Because mushrooms will not grow into squares where the light level is greater than 12 , the farmer must consider carefully with the placement of light sources. Mushrooms are placeable everywhere but well lit areas or non solid / transparent blocks, and do not require water, sand, or extra space like crops, cacti or saplings. However, even at night, they can only be planted on blocks where the daytime illumination would be less than 12. The exceptions to this are Mycelium and Podzol, on which they can be planted and remain in full sunlight. They can then spread slowly to other opaque blocks, including types where they could not be planted. Mushrooms will only spread if there are fewer than 5 mushrooms in an area of 9x9x3 ins(L, W, H) around the original mushroom.

The main danger in basic mushroom farming is that they must be low-lit indoor rooms, often allowing fungi to spawn in the same area (except in peaceful mode). This can be countered in several ways. An easy way is placing torches two blocks above from where you want your mushrooms to grow (sometimes in tiny holes cut into the ceiling overhead). Another way involves making the farming area just one block high and paving any walkways with slabs. This removes some danger, since mobs cannot spawn on half-blocks. You can also use a water system to channel mushrooms out of the room and into a collection point. The Nether is a safe place to start a mushroom farm, since mobs there will not spawn in small spaces.

Changes in recent versions have made farming ordinary mushrooms more difficult; another option is to prepare a large underground room and use bonemeal to grow Huge Mushrooms which can then be mined for multiple mushrooms.